Yango Pro (Taximeter) and Taksometr PRIVACY NOTICE

Our mobile and web apps (the term “app” is used for both hereinafter) let users receive orders for transportation and delivery services for the users of Yango and Deli mobile and web apps (“customers”).

App was developed by an international IT company with offices around the world and headquarters in the Netherlands.


1. Our Data Protection Officer can be contacted by email at dpo-yt@yango.com.

2. You can reach our support team via the mobile app after logging in. Logging into the app allows us to identify you.


1. Your personal data are processed by the company providing the app in your country:

App Country Company Address
Yango Pro (Taximeter)


Ivory Coast


Democratic Republic of the Congo






Ridetech International B.V. Schiphol Boulevard 291, 1118 BH Schiphol, Netherlands



MLU Africa B.V. Schiphol Boulevard 291, 1118 BH Schiphol, Netherlands




Republic of the Congo


MLU Europe B.V. Schiphol Boulevard 291, 1118 BH Schiphol, Netherlands
Israel Yango Deli Israel Ltd.

148 Begin Road, Tel Aviv, 6492104, Israel

Begin Road, Tel Aviv, 6492104, Israel

UAE, Dubai Yango GCC Electronic Transport Services LLC UAE, Dubai, Al Suq Al Kabeer, Mohammed Saad Abdulla Al Sharif, office No. M10
Morocco Yango Mar Sarl Morocco, Casablanca, 265, Bd Zerktouni, 9ème étage, n° 92
Taksometr (Uber) Azerbaijan Uber ML B.V. Schiphol Boulevard 291, 1118 BH Schiphol, the Netherlands

These companies act, according to applicable laws, as “controllers” – controllers determine the purposes and means of the processing of personal data.


1. Categories of data we process, source of these data, and purposes of processing are as follows:

Source Data Purposes
You provide to us directly Phone number, full name, driver license details or national ID, country and city of residence, citizenship, E-mail, date of birth, Telegram login To register account, to communicate with you while registration, to identify and authorize you as a user in the app
Phone number, full name, operation experience as driver, car model and plate number, photo (optional) To transmit the carrier and cab details for the order to customers
Referral code (optional) To identify you in referral program (optional)

Full name, phone number, email, social security number or tax ID number (optional), national ID number (optional), date of birth, place of birth, gender, citizenship, residential address, driver license details, profile photo (optional), document permitting order execution

To create your e-card in our app
Banking information To proceed with payments

Photocopy of your driver license or your national ID and your

photo with your driver license or your national ID (optional)

To verify user details

Selfie photo, national ID photo, your

photo with you r national ID (optional)

To authenticate the user of our app before providing access to the orders

Received from your device and our apps IP address; device identifier, type and model, mobile operating system, browser or mobile application details To secure access to your account and our IT-systems
Precise or approximate location data To allow you to receive and successfully complete orders near your location and to transfer data about your location to customers
Advertising identifier

To adjust targeted advertisements

Generated when you interact with the app Time spent to complete an order, number of screens viewed while interacting with our apps, average order value, history of authorizations and usage of website and apps (authorizations logs), precise or approximate location data To improve the app and user experience; provide relevant features, modify apps interfaces; improve our marketing and economic strategy; and prevent unauthorized usage
Received from your use of our app Date and time of the order, pick-up point, destination point, route, price, payment method, history of orders (orders details To store orders history
Received from our marketing agencies Identifier of the source or promotional link used to download or access the apps To understand whether an advertising campaign is successful
You provide to our support team via social media Specified by you at your discretion, requested by us at our discretion To resolve issues related to our apps
Generated when you communicate with our support team or customers Recordings of the conversations To resolve disputes and legal claims; control the quality of the service provided

Received from our partner who has concluded an employment or any other contract with you and involved in obtaining and handling orders

Full name, social security number, national id details, date of birth, place of birth, gender, citizenship, photo, mobile number, official residential address, driving license details: forename and surname, date and place of birth, expiry date, official body that has issued the license, license number, place where the license has been issued, car category or categories to which the license extend, scanned copies of the documents containing the data listed above, vehicle information, place of work or type of running business

To transmit the carrier and cab details for the order to customers

To create an account in the app

To perform user due diligence measures

2. The data that you provide to us directly and the data received from our partner who has concluded an employment or any other contract with you and involved in obtaining and handling orders are required in order for the app to function properly. Without such data, you would be unable to receive an order, proceed with the payment or use other functionalities.

3. Data generated when you interact with the apps, received from the authentication tool used by you in apps provided by members of our company group, or received from our marketing agencies are used to achieve a legitimate interest while respecting your rights.

4. We may request your consent to use data to arrange your participation in marketing contests or any other activities.

In any case, you will be informed of the data collected and the purpose of the data collection. You will be able to withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us.

You can refuse to provide such consent and it will not affect your ability to use our apps.

5. In exceptional cases, such as a medical emergency or pandemic, we may process your data for reasons of substantial public interest, to protect your vital interests or the vital interests of a third party, or for reasons of public interest in the area of public health.

6. For protection of our legitimate interests and compliance with the law we process your data in order to exercise and defend legal claims and to conduct legal audits.

7. We use automated data processing for our anti-fraud systems which automatically detect your activity within the app and block certain functions or the ability to receive an order. This is done to promptly protect your account and our financial interests, as well as the financial interests of our partners and third parties, while performing a contract between you and us.

If you consider that our systems have made an error, please contact us.

8. We process your data until the purpose for processing them is achieved. We can continue processing your data if such processing is required by law or necessary to protect our rights and interests, as well as the rights and interests of third parties.

For example, order-related data are stored for the relevant limitation period.

9. Phone conversations with our support team, as well as with the customers, are recorded if they are made through the apps or contact details indicated in the apps.

The recordings could be used in the context of disputes and legal claims, as well as to control the quality of the service provided.

Recordings are kept for 30 days for user to customers conversations and 3 months for user to support team conversations. They are available only to our authorized personnel.

10. If there is no specific app functionality in your country, the terms of such personal data processing are not applicable and, accordingly, such data is not processed.


1. Your personal data are only shared with parties that:

  • (a) Directly assist in providing the services within the app: Our partners involved in obtaining and handling orders and in providing software solutions for the same purpose; our affiliates providing authentication tools and data centers; and companies assisting us with support team.
  • (b) Are entitled to receive your data in accordance with the law: For example, if law enforcement authorities are duly entitled to do so.
  • (c) Help us to improve our app: Advertising or device identifiers may be shared with companies providing us with advertisement or analytics services. Data about technical errors encountered while using our services are shared with our affiliates who are involved in developing our apps.

2. Parties we share your data with could be located in different countries.

Some of these countries do not provide the same level of data protection or data subjects’ rights as in the country where we provide the app. In such cases, we follow the necessary procedures to ensure that your rights are respected, and your personal data are protected during and after the transfer. Such procedures may include (1) commitments through data protection agreements based on standard contractual clauses for data transfers issued by relevant authorities, and/or (2) additional contractual obligations based on our assessment of the local law of the country where your data are transferred and processed, and/or (3) registration or authorization of the transfer from competent data protection authority.


1. Access

You always have access to your personal data. After logging into the app using our authentication tool, you will have access to your order history, credentials, and banking information.

You can obtain a copy of all your data via our support team.

2. Rectification

After you log into the app using our authentication tool, you can correct your personal data in the app. If it is not possible to correct the data from within the app, please contact our support team.

3. Erasure

To delete all your personal data, please send us a request via our support team. We have to keep certain data after you have deleted them from the app, including data required to be kept in accordance with the law or to protect our interests, in particular in the context of court proceedings. The ability to delete data may be limited by law or provisions related to freedom of expression and information.

4. Restriction of processing

You have the right to restrict the processing of your personal data in certain circumstances. For example, should you wish to correct your personal data, you can request via our support team that the processing of your data be restricted until such data have been rectified. Please contact our support team to proceed.

5. Portability

If your personal data has been processed by automated means based on your consent or based on a contract with us (e.g. in order to provide you with the features of the app), you have the right to receive such data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format. Please contact our support team to receive such data.

6. Objection

You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data should you consider that the processing violates your rights. Please bear in mind that the right to object can be exercised only if we are processing your data based on our legitimate interests.

7. Complaints

We are always ready to examine your complaints and suggestions. Please send them to our support team. In addition, you can file a complaint with the relevant supervisory authority if you consider that your rights have been violated. The list of the relevant supervisory authorities and their contact details can be found here (https://yango.com/legal/yango_list_of_sa).

8. Support

You can reach our support team via the app.


1. We may inform you by any available means (push notifications in the app, SMS, or email) if this Privacy Notice is amended in a way that has a significant impact on your rights.

This would be the case, for example, if we were to add new categories of data to process or new purposes for which data are processed. You will receive a notification prior to any such amendments taking effect.

Date of publication: 27.02.2023

Previous version of the document: https://yandex.com/legal/yangopro_privacy_notice/07092022