City (Tel-Aviv) from ₪17.32 

Additional charges will be applied:

Wait time before boarding a taxi (after 3 free minutes after arrival) – 1.72 / 2 / 2.42 NIS per minute (daytime / night and weekend, respectively) Wait time during the ride – 1.72 / 2 / 2.42 NIS per minute (daytime / night and weekend, respectively) Additional fee for the ride from Ben Gurion airport - 5 NIS, from Sde Dov airport or Haifa airport - 2 NIS Ride on toll roads upon passenger’s demand: • Road 6 (other than part 18 in the north) – 16.38 NIS, part 18 – 6.20 NIS • Fast Lane Road 1 (if vehicle is not exempt) – the toll displayed at the entrance • Carmel Tunnels – 10.18 NIS for one section, 20.36 NIS for two sections In the case of cancellation of an order, a user might be charged with fees permitted by law. The operator of the Yango service provides a platform that connects the customer to the driver and does not sell shuttle (taxi) services. The sale of the ride is done directly by the driver. The prices above are determined in the Control of Goods and Services (Taxicab Fares) Order, 5778-2018 (the “Order”) and are subject to change by the relevant authority. If additional charges that appear in the Order are applicable to the ride, they will be charged to you. The operator of the Yango service may change the prices or terms of the rides, subject to law. The taxi that will render the ride may be of a different type of car than the taxi that appears in the picture. The picture of the taxi is for illustration purposes only.