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Looking for a taxi in Dakar?
A Yango Eco class vehicle will take you from Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport to the city center.
Are you a tourist?
Visit the La Maison des Esclaves and the IFAN Museum (African Arts Museum).

Go shopping at Marche HLM. In one tap, order a Yango vehicle and go wherever you want.

In the evening, enjoy the lively nightlife at Dakar with your friends.

Add up to 3 stops to your itinerary or order a vehicle for them.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I order a ride?
Easily! First of all, you need to download the app and sign up. After that check your current location, select your destination and tap the button to order.
How do I pay for the ride?
Both by card and cash — just choose the option that suits you best when ordering a ride.
Can I change the route on the go?
Yes, you can change the destination or add stops via the app. But be aware that the price might also change.
How do you ensure safety?
First of all, our partners work only with trained and experienced drivers. You can always see your driver’s photo and rating beforehand. Secondly, we have several in-app safety features available on your every ride: an emergency button, trusted contacts button and in-app chat with our support team.
What if I can’t find my driver?
You are always able to contact the driver by phone or in-app chat. And don’t worry if you don’t know the language — your request will be translated automatically.
How can I change the in-app language?
If you have an Android, go to the app settings, tap «App language» and choose the language. If you have an iPhone, go to the phone settings, scroll down to the Yango app, tap and switch the language via special menu inside.
Is boda-boda available?
Yes, you can choose from a number of vehicles and service class when you order a ride in the app’s bottom menu.
How can I become a Yango driver?
Go to this page to get all the details in your country: LINK.
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