Yango wherever you go in Douala

Get up to 20% off your first 3 rides
the Yango app

Ride with benefits

Fast pickup. Book a ride and get picked up within minutes

Invite friends and get a 50% (max 700 FCFA) discount for each of you

Get up to 20% (max 300 FCFA) off your first 3 rides

Order rides via the convenient app

Find the ride class that’s right for you

Economy class
For everyday affordable rides
Hyundai Solaris, Kia Rio, Volkswagen Polo
  • The most affordable option
  • All cars are newer
Comfort class
Make your ride a delight
Kia Rio, Škoda Rapid, Hyundai Solaris
  • Newer cars
  • Air conditioning
Comfort +
For relaxing rides
Toyota Corolla, Hyundai lx35
  • Spacious car interior
  • Air conditioning
Zip through traffic
Bajaj Boxer, Suzuki, Yamaha
  • Single passenger
  • Flexible ride

Make your rides even safer with Yango’s safety features

Route sharing. Send your location so friends and loved ones can track your ride in real time

Verified drivers. Drivers undergo a rigorous check before they start driving

Chat with support in the app if you have questions / concerns

Get safe and affordable rides

Looking for a taxi in Douala?
Book one with Yango!

Have a business meeting in the city?
A Yango Economy class vehicle will take you from Douala Airport to the city center. If you’re in Cameroon as a tourist, visit the Douala Grand Mall, catch a football game at Stade Omnisport de Douala, or grab a bite to eat at the restaurant La Marquise. You can pick up food or essential items at Carrefour Supermarket or enjoy a chef-prepared meal at Maison H and One Rooftop. Add up to 3 stops to your route.

How do I book a ride?

Download the app on the App Store or Google Play
Sign up with Yango using your phone number
Check your current location
Select your destination: you can enter the address or place name, or just tap it on the map
Choose between the service class and price options
Tap Request and wait for us to find an available driver
Have a great ride!

Try Yango Lite

Get a ride via any smartphone, even with poor network connection. Different app, same service.

Become a driver

Work on your own schedule, get orders on the go and be a part of a huge international team.

Popular questions

  • What kind of discounts does Yango have?

    Yango provides all users with a discount for the first 3 rides. That’s a discount of up to 20% (300 FCFA max) per ride. Moreover, you can get more discounts for inviting friends to the app. You’ll get 50% (700 FCFA max) off for every friend who is a new user.

  • How do I create an account?

    Download the Yango app and create an account with your mobile number. Now, you’re good to go!

  • Is Yango available in my city?

    Yango is available in Douala and Yaounde.

  • How do I order a ride?

    Open the app, enter your destination and select your ride options. Then, confirm your ride. That’s it!

  • Can I add extra stops to my ride?

    You can add up to 3 additional stops before or during your ride.

  • How can I pay for rides?

    You can pay for rides with cash.

  • What if I want to become a driver?

    Driving with Yango partners is a great opportunity to make a stable income and work on your own schedule. Get all the details here.