Shared rides, shared fare

Yango Share lets you save on rides when you share your fare with passengers along your way. Download the app to start saving. When you travel alone, share your ride with someone else heading the same way and save on your fare with Yango Share. Take advantage of this affordable, reliable ride option for solo riders by downloading the Yango app.

Tips for your ride

  •  Plan for slightly longer rides: Yango Share estimated time of arrival may be a little longer than you’re used to. By giving yourself some more time, you can be sure that everyone is having a pleasant, stress-free trip
  •  Be ready to welcome companions: Yango Partage gathers you with other people heading in the same direction
  •  Be ready to go: when the driver arrives at your location, they won't wait for more than a couple of minutes for you to hop in. Being timely will help you and your companions avoid major delays, so that everyone would feel comfortable
  •  Options for solo riders: Share is a good way to save, when you travel alone
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Here’s what you need to know

Easy and affordable

Order a ride, select Share, and save

Save on your rides

Up to 30% off your first 3 rides

Simple steps to book your Partage ride

Simple steps to book your Partage ride

  •  Enter your destination
  •  Select the ‘Partage’ service class and tap ‘Order a ride’
  •  Choose your pickup location
  •  'Partage' service class is available only for solo passengers. Be ready to welcome others along the way
  •  You’re ready to go!
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