What are photo checks?
This is how we check your vehicle and related documents remotely. Photo checks activate or extend your access to ride requests and orders. There's no need to drive anywhere, you can complete photo checks on your own anywhere in Israel.
Vehicle photo check

Before you take the photos, make sure to:

  1. Wipe down the car body — it should be clean and free of dents or scratches.

  2. Install the child safety seat (if you have one) in the back seat.
  3. Wipe down the license plates and rear view mirrors.

Taking the pictures is easy:

  1. Just keep the car in the frame Taximeter shows you.

  2. Stand about 3-4 meters away when photographing the front and back of the car.
  3. The wheels, both bumpers, and license plates must be clearly visible, level, and fully in the frame.

Document photo check

You must have the following documents:

  1. Driver's license.

  2. Proof of vehicle insurance.
  3. Taxi license.

  4. Vehicle registration.

You need to photograph both the front and back side of each document. To avoid having to re-submit photos, always remember to: 

  1. Remove all document covers and protectors.

  2. Take the photos in a well-lit area.
  3. Disable the camera flash.

  4. Don't turn your tablet or phone upside down.

Take a selfie with your driver's license as well.
Only photos of original documents are accepted. If you submit photos of copies, screenshots or pictures from another device, the system will block you from ride requests and orders. 

We don't accept photos that are blurry, underexposed or overexposed or have low-resolution, as well as photos retaken from another device or taken in the past. 
If you get a new driver's license or car, you must pass the photo check again.
Double check your photos before submitting them and retake any that have issues. After you complete the check, our team will have your results within 10 minutes.

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