Apply to drive with Yango
partners in Ghana

Here’s what you need to know

Extra bonuses up to 1300 GHC weekly

on top of your regular earnings

Earn up to 12000 GHC monthly
Working with Yango partners on your car
Bonuses for new drivers
Complete 30 trips, get bonus 900 GHC
Distributed support
Local hub, in app service, etc
              How to register
1 Complete the short application here on this page
2 We'll text you a link to the full application to the phone number you entered
3 Complete the full application from the text message
4 Download the Yango Pro app from the App Store or Google Play
5 Submit photos and complete a photo check
6 After confirmation, tap the Go Online button and start earning!
Where you can find us
Yango is launching in Accra and looking for chauffeur drivers.
You don’t have to be a chauffeur driver or driver genius professional, no professional driver resume required. Some taxi drivers use our partners' service full-time. But lots of tap drivers only drive with our partners part-time. If a driver doesn’t have a car, taxi drivers can use car rental with our Yango partner. Drivers of our partners do not have to rent a car. All drivers work on their own car, not on a rental car. There is no need to wait for the car to be rented, you can get to work right away. 
Giving up a rental car is a good option for those who moonlight as a driver. Such drivers will not have to take more orders just to cover the costs of renting a car. If you want to work comfortably, refuse to rent a car and fulfill orders with Yango partners in your car.
Tue Jan 10 2023 14:41:11 GMT+0300 (Moscow Standard Time)