Grow your
with Yango

What partnership gives your taxi company
You get access to Yango user ride requests, the Fleetroom platform for efficient process management, and the Taximeter app for drivers. We help attract new riders and drivers with advertising and PR campaigns. We work with legal entities. To get started, all you need is a settlement account. If you're not established yet, we'll help you get everything in order on the independent
driver page.
We help our partners reach their goals. We know exactly where you should be working, provide ride requests from individuals and corporate clients, and help select programs with discounts from leasing and insurance companies. We also have a bonus system and priority status for branded vehicle drivers, and ride fares increase during peak passenger demand.
Driver down time and dead mileage is minimized thanks to demand and traffic forecasting, map-based routing, and ride request distribution algorithms. Taximeter features like stacked rides, rides along the way, and airport queues help drivers complete more rides.
How to become a Yango partner:
 Submit an application
We contact you for all the details
You get Fleetroom, our taxi company management program
We sign an agreement and you get ride requests
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