Yango Delivery
Click, and it's there
We'll pick up your parcel in 10 minutes
Track your parcel on the map and see the time to delivery

Get an upfront fixed delivery price
Available 24/7
Parcels must be 20 kg or less and no larger than a suitcase (able to fit in the trunk).
Where and how do I use Delivery?
Have documents and small parcels delivered for work

You can send documents, letters, and contracts to your business partners or clients. Document delivery with Yango is fast and reliable.

Available in Helsinki and beyond

Send parcels anywhere in Helsinki.

Pay by card
in the app

Choose the Delivery service class and pay for the order by card like a regular ride.

Personal items and gifts for family

Send your family whatever they need whenever they need it. Deliver keys, clothes, lunch, books, shoes, flowers, presents, and more by courier.

Door to door

Send your package without leaving home. Don't forget to package your items securely.

Service class conditions
  • Delivery pickup is 3€, which includes 1,5 km, 4 minutes driving time, and 3 minutes waiting time
  • Inside the city → 1€/km and 0.24€/min (3 to 9 min) or 0.35€/min (after 9 min)
  • Outside the city → 1.3€/km
  • Pickup waiting time over 4 min → 0.30€/min
  • Waiting en route → 0.30€/min
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