Don't waste your time looking for the phone number of a Vantaa taxi company. Download the Yango taxi app!

Taxi prices in Vantaa
There's no need to keep looking at the meter during your ride. With Yango, you always know the price of your ride in advance. Just enter your pickup address and destination in the app. For example, Tikkurila as the pickup address and Ikea as the destination. The app will give you the exact price for the ride, and a taxi will arrive in no time.

Order a ride in Vantaa
You don't need to search for a taxi stand or taxi phone number. Just download the free Yango app and enter your pickup address and destination in Vantaa, and a taxi will be on its way to you.

Taxi payments in Vantaa
Rides can be paid for by cash at the end of the ride or using a card you saved in the app ahead of time. That means you always have an option that works for you! Plus, with Yango, you'll always know the price of your taxi ride in advance.

Always the right service class
Need to deliver something quickly or order a taxi ride for yourself? We always have the right service for you. Send a package with Yango Delivery. If you want to relax in a comfortable ride, order a Comfort service class or if you don't need anything special, order a quick Economy service class for an affordable price.

Use as part of public transportation
Are you tired of commuting? Did your bus service suddenly stop? Yango complements Vantaa's well-established public transportation system. Thanks to its extensive network, you can reach a public transportation hub from further out. Check our app to find the most affordable and suitable solutions

Order a taxi in Vantaa

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